Changing Art Market

The Battle for the Art Market:

How to Protect Today’s Art Investors

What is Art and how is its character changing? To many, art continues to be about aesthetics and meaning. More recently though, art is increasingly viewed as another investment asset.

We seek to explore the impact of changing perceptions on art and the people who are passionate about its future.

With this in mind we are hosting a seminar on 07 October, The Battle for the Art Market : How to Protect Today’s Art Investors, at The British Museum, London.

The discussion takes place against a backdrop of several high profile cases in which it is alleged serious abuse of the art market occurred.

The programme will investigate the changing art market, the role of art in society and art as an investment tool.

We hope you can join us and if you are interested in doing so, please complete the form on the contact page.

Dr iur Tetiana Bersheda and Professor Eugene Soltes